IKOMA & CO., LTD. is an independent distributor that imports automotive glass on a global scale and delivers products all over Japan.
Our high-quality inventory is collected using a worldwide network, which surpasses others both in variety and quantity.
We have constructed our own network and done the footwork that enables us quick delivery on-demand.

Our product line-up in storage covers nearly all imported vehicles on the streets of Japan today.
Our inventory of windshields, side glass and rear windows is more than 10,000 pieces.
IKOMA & CO., LTD. purchases directly from first class manufacturers, who hold large shares in the global market of automotive glass.
Our strong relationship with these major manufacturers makes it possible to deliver quickly and smoothly.
The products we stock and deliver are European Standard, American standard and Japanese Industrial Standard certified.



IKOMA & CO., LTD. also has a variety of replacement windshields and rear windows for Japanese vehicles.
New products are added to our line-up quickly, and our products line is ever-expanding.
We also develop items to our own original specifications.
For example, we set solar-glass as our standard for windshields, and produced
an IR-cut glass called "SUNTECT" which is an original product.



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